Saturday, April 2, 2011

looo-hooo serrrr-herrr

This is for my own reading.

Why do we choose to be a loser?

Everytime, when we fail to do what we want to do, what we admired to do, we consider ourselves to be a loser one. We always blaming the surrounding, the nature, the genes, other people. We just seem hardly to blame ourselves. Ok, those are actually not we, but me. Only me.

Yes, everytime I fail on one thing, I will just consider myself a failure, a loser, without even trying to redress the failure. I blame other people, I blame my gene for not producing an excellent me, I blame the nature that is doing injustice to me, I blame all other than myself. That is selfish. I know. No need to tell me. Just compare me to other living thing on earth that more selfish than I am.

I like music, addicted to it indeed. I like to play instruments but I am hardly to play a guitar. I mean, I know how to play it, but just not great at it. I want to be a great one. One like Joe Wings or Akira Takasaki. Ok, that is not even possible. But I am hardly try to improve myself to be quite one. On my free time, I’d rather lay on my bed than practicing my skill. And I still dream on to be the great. Then when I lost the battle of the band, I blame the organizer for sabotaging us. And also creating reason that music is not a career for life. See, selfish am i?

When I scored a low grade, I blame the lecturer for being too strict in marking rather than blaming myself for not studying hard enough. Selfish am i?

I am such a weakling in sport. I just happened to know to play volleyball and badminton only. Yes, it is true and I admit it that I am a man who does not know how to kick a ball. Loser ain’t it? But, neither I am good at those two. And I just do not willing to practice often to be good and but blaming others for not passing me the good ball. Yet, another reason created for I am not suit for the sport. See? Need I say more?

That is selfish, that is loser, that is pathetic. Someone kill me please?

But now, thanx to ‘someone’ who makes me realize all this. I am not just sitting down watching others to be great. I am sick and tired of being audience. I want to be the player for my game, actor for my play. I am gonna rise and shine baby! yeah!!!!!!

“Hope is for the loser. Winners do not hope, they just win”

DANNNG!! Kene penyepak skali kat kepala sebab merapu-rapu sementara tunggu subuh. Sekian.


  1. So own up and stop whining and blaming other people. Life's tough but we can still scrap by with some dignity attached to it.

    You won't be a loser if you don't accept defeat.

  2. yes...thanx...i am improving myself here. :-)