Thursday, March 3, 2011

J is not for the Janitor

I have a friend, very good friend. The best friend I ever had indeed. So this is his story.

As for the appearance, J is quite good looking. He may be categorized as what layman say ‘tall, dark, handsome’. Curly hair, perfectly dark skin and quite tall. J is one tidy person. Always knowing what to wear on what time. His background quite mediocre. Average income of household. Never ask for more and absolutely humble. We went to the same secondary school at our lower form and we were being classmate twice.

J is the one I think who had never disappoint a friend in any way. I’m vividly remember the day he picked me up at the late night once I arrived from my university. No buses around. Probably the ghost in Malacca has the new curfew. So we had our supper together when the rain was pouring down. Oh, he was riding motorbike to pick me. So we had to wait for the rain to stop in order to get home. Very unlucky night of us, the rain just won’t stop. I’m started to feel a high sense of guilty for bringing him down to my trouble as he supposedly fighting with some shit of monster or dating Cindarella in his dream. I don’t prefer to call my parents to pick me and to hear their mumbling for coming home late at night. Yes dad, it was me who drive the bus. I’m sorry as it was totally my fault. We wait for the rain until 8 o’clock in the morning. Just imagine how we just wandering around the bus stand for almost like 6 hours waiting for the rain to stop. And I can’t stop to be grateful as he did not even complaining a word. In fact, it was he who told me to be patient as he said this shit always happens. That is J.

J is working at a telecommunication company. So I am a student who is still cycling to school. I have my ample holiday to be wasted and enjoyed. But he has not. The thing is, J always steals some time to spend time with me. He is working at day and ‘lepak’ with me at night. Often, I could feel his exhaust but he still struggling to steal some time with me as I am not always around because of my study. Sometimes he even sleeps on the warung while we are talking. That is J.

As mentioned earlier, J is a working class hero. Yes, he has his own income. What’s trigger my sense of nature and sympathy is that, he often lend some of his salary to his friend who is in need. Oh, he is just an ordinary SPM level worker and you could imagine just how small his salary would be. Sometimes he even doesn’t have money for his own use as he is favouring and devoting more of his asset on others. And what bother me to dead is that, the bastardized punk who lend money from him is hard to repay him which makes his life in difficulty. But he never complains. That is J.

Nowadays, in this new wave of hypocrite backstabbing low life, we can hardly found a friend like J. a friend that always put others before himself. A very altruistic friend. And that is what I called SAHABAT.


  1. yeahh... indeed. it's very hard to find a friend like J in this materialistic era... :)

  2. kawan mmg senang selalu ada, kawan susah mmg byk. hope ur friendship last 4 eva.