Tuesday, September 14, 2010

8 / 9 / 1 0

The first person wished me was at the 3 o’clock.
I woke up late for sleeping after suboh prayer, and missed my date with Diana Danielle.
Even my parents didn’t remember my birthday.
I’d got free air time for Maxis number but I have no one to call, only my friends Epul because he had the same birthday as me. What a gay.
I was planning to break the fast with family but my friend came to my home out of the blue and asked me to accompany him to go to the city.
For heaven sake, my brother asked me to go to bazaar to buy some juadah for buka puasa first. We rushed here and there to buy food and since it was my birthday, my mom asked me to buy KFC plak. Haih.
Then, we went on our track back, pick our other friend and went to Melaka Mall. We arrived late and just managed to have soft drink and cigarette for our meal for breaking fast.
Only had our real dinner at 10 pm after strolling around Malacca city looking for his baju melayu and he even didn’t buy anything at the end.
Met my friend’s family at Mydin, taking supper at Ayob Bistro, go home and 1.30 am.

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