Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let it be

something that i thought i would change beginning from this year seems to be fruitless. it is totally against my nature. i've tried very hard to but failing is my routine. i rather think that it is something that i was born into, and i am just belong that way. though it grows hatred among my colleagues and also myself, i guess that if it wouldn't happened that way, that it wouldn't be me.
so, let it be.

to others who grow butthurt against me, i'm truly sorry. since it is my blog that you read, then FUCK OFF AND DIE.


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  2. biar apa org nak least u speak ur mind, not being plastic

  3. hahaha....thanx...
    tp kadang2 kene jugak pikir orang laen...
    kite bukan idup sorg dalam dunia ni...

  4. itulahhhh kau, serang tak pakai helmet... wuwuwuwww