Saturday, August 29, 2009

what happened to me...

aku blur
aku xtau ape aku wat
aku xtau ape aku ckp
ape aku wat sume xbtul
ape aku wat sume salah
ape aku ckp sume salah
putar belit
lintang pukang
omong kosong
i'm neglecting, deserting myself
my friends
my life
shouldn't i deserve to live this way
kill me if I'm on my own
all my own
it is totally absurd
totally atrocious.

but i'm grateful
for the altercation
if not
i would never realize it
coz i'm too dumb to realize
i'm just equivocating
just being the elliptical one
in fact, i'm just the lookie loo
that trying to be the glitterati

help me reborn
let us start again with fresh, bless air
together we survive.
through this life of predicament
to the life of bliss
coz life is a lesson
we learn it when we through
just have to steal some times
for the juices that worth the squeeze.

and again,
all apologies to the world...

1 comment:

  1. aku jarang nk tulis dlm english.
    sbb aku rase english aku agak barai.
    aku try je kt post yg ni.